2020 LunarFest Celebrations Markham

LunarFest Celebrations Varley Art Gallery, Markham Paper Fantasy GAMES communities The custom of pasting rice paper on walls went as far back as the Qin dynasty; smoother linen fibres later replaced rice so that painting and printing on paper became easier.  By the 12th Century, the skill of papermaking had spread to the West through … Read more

2019 LunarFest Celebrations Markham

LUNARFEST CELEBRATIONS VARLEY ART GALLERY, MARKHAM Feb 16th – 17th / 11:00 am – 4:00 pm Exhibitions Activities Lunar Crafts Lunar Movie THE GALLERIA OF IMPERIAL INSPIRATIONS ONE HUNDRED HORSES IMPERIAL RITES OF SERICULTURE BLESSINGS OF LANTERN ARCH The Galleria of Imperial Inspirations Influences of Emperor Qianlong’s Italian Painter – Giuseppe Castiglione What impact did … Read more