2019 LunarFest Pig Heroes Canada Charity

PIG HEROES CHARITY MOVEMENT Who are the ones that illuminate a light for those in need? To those that wander in darkness, we act as beacons and lighthouses, to shine a pathway towards making the world a brighter place. LunarFest has designed 12 Pig Heroes from different countries, each one dressed in iconic outfits, ready … Read more

2020 LunarFest Sponsors


2020 Lunar Fun

LUNAR FUN Join the Lunar New Year celebration with the LunarFun App! Download the LunarFun App and visit Mississauga Living Arts Centre on Feb 1st or Varley Art Gallery on Feb 2nd for a chance to join a draw for $200 Visa Gift Card & other prizes! HOW TO PLAY Look for LunarFun QR codes. … Read more

2020 LunarFest Lunar Crafts

Lunar Crafts There is a quiet beauty in art that has passed through generations of tradition as families around the world prepare for their festivities of the Lunar New Year. From spring couplets that are pasted at each doorway to delicately cut paper decorations, or lanterns and decorations of fruit, each gesture symbolizes a family’s … Read more

2020 LunarFest Fortune Telling

Fortune Telling A new year signifies a new beginning, which is full of infinite hopes and possibilities. We all wish for good fortune in the future, gaining more confidence and reaching our fullest potential. Therefore, one of the most common traditions of Lunar New Year is to go to the temple or shrine to draw … Read more

2020 LunarFest Ratafoodie

The Ratafoodie He is an internationally acclaimed foodie, born with an extraordinary sense of taste. He will go to many lengths to sample cuisine from kitchens all over the world. Some people say he is cute, some a trickster or a nuisance. Join us in welcoming him to Canada for the Lunar New Year as … Read more

2020 LunarFest The Castles and the Lifestyles

The Castles and the Lifestyles Taiwanese  There are hundreds of ways to celebrate the Lunar New Year through various cultures and customs. The new year is a chance to rise up to new challenges and look forward to better opportunities. The multicultural fabric that encompases our Canadian society is beautiful and worth celebrating.  The classic … Read more

2020 LunarFest Kitchen Runners

The Kitchen Runners The Eastern zodiac is similar to the western one in that it consists of a repeating cycle of 12 totems that correspond to personality types – the eastern ones are all animals.  There exists a story of a great race that decided which animals made it into the zodiac and in what … Read more

2020 LunarFest Artistic Direction

Doors Open The mindset of new immigrants is similar to opening doors. Seeking a better and happier lifestyle is almost the only motive behind these movements of people.  The thought of living in a safe and free land provides the power to take on challenges to better ourselves and the world. We reflect on our … Read more

2020 LunarFest

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS A Musical Banquet:A Feast of Sumptuous Classical Music The Kitchen Runners YEAR OF THE RAT 2020 LUNAR NEW YEAR – GREATER TORONTO AREA – A MUSICAL BANQUET: a feast of sumptuous classical music 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM, FEB 1st  / LIVING ARTS CENTRE, MISSISSAUGA LUNARFEST CELEBRATIONS 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM, FEB … Read more