Bringing Home, Home

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Bringing Home, Home Family Stories This family from Mongolia, located in Montreal, shows us the warmth that comes with maintaining one’s own culture when you’ve found yourself in a new country. Many newcomers may find it difficult to keep traditions from home, but when these parts of your culture are celebrated year after year, we … Read more

To Warm The Soul

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To WarmThe Soul Family Stories Larissa Fan shares with us the story of Ten Little Dumplings. In the city of Fengfu, there lives a very special family – special because they have ten sons who do everything together. Their parents call them their ten little dumplings, as both sons and dumplings are auspicious. But if … Read more

Philip Cote

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Philip Cote Family Stories Philip Cote, MFA is an Indigenous Artist, Educator, Historian and Knowledge Keeper and is a graduate of OCAD University’s IAMD Masters program. As an Indigenous painter and Muralist, the purpose of Cote’s research is to unearth, and reveal, his cultural experience and knowledge of signs of Indigenous symbols, language and interpretation. … Read more

John Rombough

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John Rombough Family Stories Chipewyan Dene artist John Rombough was born in the remote community of Sioux Lookout, in Northern Ontario Canada. As a young adult, Rombough began searching for his birth parents and soon found his biological father, Alfred Catholique, living in the small community of LutselK’e on the eastern shore of Great Slave … Read more

Mark Seabrook

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Mark Seabrook Family Stories Mark Seabrook is a gifted Ojibwe artist; born to both Bird Clan and Fish Clan, birds and fish feature prominently in many of his paintings.  The birds, often ravens, sit silent and bear witness or carry messages to the figures that live within his works.  He was a 60’s Scoop Survivor … Read more

Sherry Crawford

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Sherry Crawford Family Stories A member of the Kijicho-Manito Madaouskarini Algonquin First Nation, Sherry grew up on the shoreline of Anderson & Paudash Lakes, just outside of Bancroft, Ont.   After  spending 17+ years in the Toronto area,  she moved ‘back home’ and has spent the last 20 years or so just west of  Peterborough, … Read more