Screenshot – Family Portrait by Tong Zhou

Screenshot - Family Portrait, 2020:2021_Artwork

Screenshot –Family Portrait,2020/2021 Tong Zhou The artwork was created as a little surprise for Tong’s parents.  While Tong and his parents all felt disappointed about cancelling their trip to Toronto because of the pandemic, Tong was wondering how they could take their family portrait together this year as their family tradition for Lunar New Year. … Read more

Birthday Cake by Alicia Chen

Birthday Cake_Banner

Birthday Cake Alicia Chen It was Alicia’s host family, the Marrs, who taught her about unconditional love. During the two years Alicia spent with the Marrs as a homestay student, their kindness extended to all areas of her life. Beyond simply teaching her how to speak English, they taught her about the notion of self-expression. … Read more

A Living Space Proposal by Luoan Liao

A Living Space Proposal_Banner (1)

A Living Space Proposal Luoan Liao Without warning, the pandemic broke out and disrupted people’s daily routine: activities were called off; public gatherings were banned. In a society that holds social engagements in high regard, what should people do after being deprived of social events? Subjectivity shall, though only being completed through social interactions with … Read more