Family of Taiwan

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Family of Taiwan Philip Wu Former President of Taiwanese Canadian Association of Toronto Philip Wu has a young family and they also got together to share their hot pot dinner with us.  What do they like to cook in the hot pot?  To ring in a prosperous Year of the Ox, his family also showed … Read more

Time for Family

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Time for Family Jean Chen President of Taiwanese Canadian Association of Toronto Jean Chen shows us where she and her family are spending time and dinners.  What is the symbolism of her family’s dishes for the Year of the Ox? Captions are available in the videos Jean Chen

The Untold Story of Shacha Sauce


The Untold Story of Shacha Sauce Lin-Yi Tseng For Taiwanese people, Shacha sauce is a kitchen staple and a must-have sauce for hot pots.  However, very few actually know that Shacha sauce had its origin traced back to Malacca in Malaysia.  From this untold story of Shacha, offers an opportunity to take a deeper dive … Read more

Melting Pot I Think Not


Melting Pot, I think not! Migrants inTaiwan Family dinners are an important tradition for all cultural celebrations; the Lunar New Year is no exception. With 2021 LunarFest, Family Dinners takes on a different meaning as the world still struggles with the lingering pandemic. Taiwan is one of the very few places in the world where … Read more

Spicy Garlic Lobster

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Spicy Garlic Lobster Claire Yang Lobsters have always been a culinary delicacy around the world. Retailers usually charge a premium for fresh lobsters. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic negatively impacting the global demand for lobsters, the price has dramatically decreased in Canada. As a result, this premium crustacean has become much more affordable for … Read more