Garlic Lobster

Claire Yang

Lobsters have always been a culinary delicacy around the world. Retailers usually charge a premium for fresh lobsters. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic negatively impacting the global demand for lobsters, the price has dramatically decreased in Canada. As a result, this premium crustacean has become much more affordable for home cooks.

This video showcases a simple and healthy way of cooking lobster using Thermomix®.

The Thermomix® machine allows you to retain the natural sweetness and juicy texture of the lobster meat. Depending on your personal tastes, the lobster sauce can either be boiled with vermicelli, or directly poured on rice. Whatever you choose, this “Spicy Garlic Lobster” dish is irresistibly delicious!

Claire Yang  MeiColicious

Born in Taiwan, and raised in Vancouver. Claire currently lives in Toronto while working at Air Canada as a flight attendant. She is passionate about travel and different international cuisines. She has traveled to more than 25 countries, and makes a point to try the local delicacies wherever she visits.  

Cooking runs in Claire’s family as well; her mother, Mavis Lee, is an accomplished gourmet and pastry chef for over 20 years. Claire and her mother are excited to share their home cooking recipes, videos, and tips on YouTube and Instagram.

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