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Screenshot –
Family Portrait,

Tong Zhou

The artwork was created as a little surprise for Tong’s parents. 

While Tong and his parents all felt disappointed about cancelling their trip to Toronto because of the pandemic, Tong was wondering how they could take their family portrait together this year as their family tradition for Lunar New Year. Seeing three of them on screen during a video chat gave Tong the idea to sneak a screenshot and re-create the moment with paints and brushes. 

The reaction when Tong showed his parents the painting was priceless. Although his parents blamed him that he didn’t make them look “the prettiest”, they still want to keep the piece at their home. Tong and his parents all had a good laugh and some bonding moments. 

The artwork may look so ordinary, but it is special to his family. It is an alternative portrait to keep the family tradition that carries sentiment and love; the memory about the time of the year when his family is reunited and gathering; a hand-made gift shows his parents how much Tong loves them. 

Tong’s family means everything to him. 

Screenshot - Family Portrait, 2020:2021_Artwork

Screenshot - Family Portrait, 2020/2021

Screenshot - Family Portrait, 2020:2021_Artist_Tong Zhou

Tong Zhou

A storyteller, digital thinker, and hands-on creator who transforms ideas into reality. Tong creates diverse designs with a touch of playfulness and artistic verve while taking branding and business into consideration. Being a huge believer of “The future of tech is Humanity”, he brings Human-Centric thinking into his creative practice and process through empathy, communication, and real-world critical thinking. His passion and focus are about the people that interact with his design. Through observation, research, analysis, and forward-thinking execution, his designs are thought-provoking, engaging and drive social impact. Over the years, he has been exploring the concept of divergence such as using creativity and design to promote advocacy for humanity, diversity, and equality.

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