Melting Pot,
I think not!

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Family dinners are an important tradition for all cultural celebrations; the Lunar New Year is no exception. With 2021 LunarFest, Family Dinners takes on a different meaning as the world still struggles with the lingering pandemic. Taiwan is one of the very few places in the world where families will celebrate the Lunar New Year much like years in the past, and the LunarFest team will be on location to share the lively spirit of celebration. 

Like Canada, Taiwan embraces diversity and welcomes newcomers to the island; “Melting Pot, I Think Not!” is a wonderful way to show Taiwan’s diversity through conversations over a popular culinary tradition – Hot Pot.  The program will certainly enlighten Canadians about how food connects our cultures and heritages.  Look around, you will find that we are indeed a family regardless of our origins.


SiSi Chang

Lecturer of Southeast Asian Cultures


Kai-Chun Huang

Translator / Author


Bee Yeng Wang

English Picture Books Teacher


Ngoc Suong Ngo & Ko-Shuo Mei

Owner of Mien Tay Vietnamese Restaurant


Yong Ming Fu

 (Tawatchai Kasemweerakul)

Owner of Thai Happiness Thai Food

Co-presented with Migrants' Park


Special thanks to Mangiare


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