Tiger Arts Workshop

Tiger Arts Workshop VIBE Arts Feb 5thVirtual Program VIBE Arts presents a fun art activity. Led by arts facilitator Vicky Wang, participants will be drawing and painting or colouring an art piece of a group of tigers dancing together in a circle. Participants will use any basic art materials that they have at home to … Read more

Wildlife Presentations

Tor_wildlife centre 2

Wildlife Presentations Toronto Wildlife Centre Feb 5th | 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm ESTFeb 6th | 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm ESTOnline Workshop What kinds of wildlife live in the GTA? Do you know the proper ways to protect your cat from the outdoors, and the outdoors from your cat? How can you keep the … Read more

Treasure Box Lantern


Treasure Box Lantern Yen-Chun Lu The Treasure Box fits into the palm of your hand, yet encompasses a whole world. Inside the box, we find two big cats. At the foot of the mountain, the leopard cat of Taiwan makes a home out of the wilder edges of agricultural farmland. On the top of the … Read more

Puffed Rice for Leopard Cat

Tor Puffed Rice

Puffed Rice for Leopard Cat Leopard Cat Rice At the foot of the mountains in Miaoli, Taiwan, the leopard cats hunt for food. But due to loss of habitat, they have been ruining crops and eating farmer’s chickens, resulting in the dwindling of their numbers. The leopard cat is now considered endangered in Taiwan. To … Read more

Woven Melodies

Tor Woven Melodies

Woven Melodies Composer: Chao-Ming TungPipa player: Hui-Kuan Lin Accompanying the beautiful artworks of Lunar Lanterns of Indigenous Lights is an exclusively composed musical piece, highlighting connections between cultures from Taiwan to Canada and beyond, allows us to hear a coming together of traditions, heritage, and arts.  Inspired by the weaving culture of the Indigenous people … Read more

Lunar Lanterns of Indigenous Lights

Lunar Lanterns of Indigenous Lights Animation loading may take a moment, thank you for your patience. Lunar Lanterns of Indigenous Lights Animation loading may take a momentThank you for your patience.

2022 LunarFest Artistic Direction

2022 LunarFest - Featured Image

Together, Stronger Artistic Direction Tigers are solitary creatures and not one tiger is alike. For humans, each of us has a unique soul, and our differences form the treasures of humanity. Tigers are humble animals, known for their patience and determination. For humans, these traits are virtues that often determine whether one is accomplished or … Read more