2021 Family Dinners

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Family Dinners Lifestyle Like many important celebrations, getting together with family for a great meal is a favourite activity for many people; the Lunar New Year is no exception.  However, what we have taken for granted isn’t so easy to replicate in a pandemic.  For some, families are no longer the same.  To ring in … Read more

2021 Indigenous Lights

The Lunar Lanterns of IndigenousLights Community  Lanterns This past year, we have faced some of the worst global crises the world has seen in recent times. Across the news, and social media, we have seen the darkness within people, but it has also brought the opportunity to highlight the good. The Lunar Lanterns aims to … Read more

2021 Family Portraits

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Family Portraits Visual Arts There is always a picture, a painting, an artwork, or a special scent that we associate with our families. The pandemic might have kept us apart from our families, but no one can stop us from thinking about the people who are closest to us. The Family Portraits aims to share … Read more

2021 LunarFest Artistic Direction

Family is everything ArtisticDirection Family is not an important thing, it’s everything! Michael J. Fox Family is where everything begins. Like a comma, it gives us the breathing room for never ending thoughts; it’s the place first to shape our perspectives navigating the world. Like a period, it is often the place where a journey … Read more

2021 LunarFest Sponsors

Family is everything Year of The Ox Sponsors ORGANIZER CO-ORGANIZER CO-ORGANIZER GOVERNMENT Partner Media Partners Follow Us Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram © Taiwanese Canadian Association of Toronto Stay up to date to receive our new CULTURAL PROGRAMS Follow Us Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Stay up to date to receive our new CULTURAL PROGRAMS © Taiwanese … Read more


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Pavavaljung Family Family Stories For hundreds or thousands of years, the Pavavaljung family of the Paiwan have always been known as Pulima, the people who are not only great craftsmen but also great storytellers.  For the past century, three generations of the Pavavaljung, celebrated both their own lives and the family’s core value in ways … Read more

2021 School Tour

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Firecrackers 2021 LunarFestSchool TourCraft Workshop Book Your Free Workshop Today Book Your Free Workshop FIRE-CRACKERS 2021 LunarFestSchool TourCraft Workshop Book Your Free Workshop Today Firecrackers are a long-running Lunar New Year tradition in some Asian cultures to scare away evil spirits or beasts. We can take this opportunity to start the year anew with resolutions … Read more