Family of Taiwan

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Family of Taiwan Philip Wu Former President of Taiwanese Canadian Association of Toronto Philip Wu has a young family and they also got together to share their hot pot dinner with us.  What do they like to cook in the hot pot?  To ring in a prosperous Year of the Ox, his family also showed … Read more

Time for Family

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Time for Family Jean Chen President of Taiwanese Canadian Association of Toronto Jean Chen shows us where she and her family are spending time and dinners.  What is the symbolism of her family’s dishes for the Year of the Ox? Captions are available in the videos Jean Chen

Bringing Home, Home

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Bringing Home, Home Family Stories This family from Mongolia, located in Montreal, shows us the warmth that comes with maintaining one’s own culture when you’ve found yourself in a new country. Many newcomers may find it difficult to keep traditions from home, but when these parts of your culture are celebrated year after year, we … Read more

To Warm The Soul

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To WarmThe Soul Family Stories Larissa Fan shares with us the story of Ten Little Dumplings. In the city of Fengfu, there lives a very special family – special because they have ten sons who do everything together. Their parents call them their ten little dumplings, as both sons and dumplings are auspicious. But if … Read more

The Bullish Future Love 2


Love The BullishFuture Click here to see the fortune phrase that matches your number. The person you are waiting for is just around the corner. You should look at the ones around you lest you miss your “special” person. You never know if there is a chance to develop something more than friendship, so seize … Read more