Lunar Lanterns of Indigenous Lights

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Lunar Lanterns of Indigenous Lights

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Imagination Ignites

As another spring arrives, like rabbits we come out of our burrows to meet with each other and celebrate the joy of life. This year, join us in the Year to Imagine!

Family can take on different forms. For those of us separated by sea or land from our loved ones, we might celebrate the new year through screens and phone calls. For those that have always called this land home and for those that are building a new home here, we might offer a hand to our neighbours and become a family through community. What is family, to you, today?

The natural world holds many resources for us to live and grow and thrive. Trees can be shade and shelter, and they can offer knowledge of the passing of time. Flowers and fruits can be used to sustain us, and they can offer colour and fuel our creativity. Animals walk among us, and we find friendship and familiarity in them. What other inspirations can you find in nature?

Through personal stories of ancestry, joy, and hope, witness as imagination ignites the Lunar Lanterns of Indigenous Lights.

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