The Castles and the Lifestyles


Tor-Taiwa Castal

There are hundreds of ways to celebrate the Lunar New Year through various cultures and customs. The new year is a chance to rise up to new challenges and look forward to better opportunities. The multicultural fabric that encompases our Canadian society is beautiful and worth celebrating. 

The classic buildings of various countries are staggered in layers, which is to build a fantasy world in dreams with visual art, and to create an ideal inclusive city with diverse cultures. LunarFest has created a structure to pay homage to the distinctive architecture, celebration, and cuisine. The Castles and The Lifestyles depict scenery from Taiwan and distinctive carvings showcasing food and gatherings often found during the Lunar New Year.

Paper Cutting is an important tradition and often is created for blessings during the Lunar New Year. LunarFest has invited Taiwanese artists Kuan-Chih Su to create and showcase food and people celebrating with Asian charm and western elegance. The carving scene showcases Taiwanese culture and celebration during the Lunar New Year.

The Castle are based on pop-up books giving life to the different sceneries and architecture of Taiwan. With Canada being such a multicultural society, we hope that this piece can help bridge the distance between different ethnic groups and engage people to explore new cultural stories.

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