The Kitchen Runners

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The Eastern zodiac is similar to the western one in that it consists of a repeating cycle of 12 totems that correspond to personality types – the eastern ones are all animals.  There exists a story of a great race that decided which animals made it into the zodiac and in what order. The mouse was the animal that won the race and became the head of the zodiac.

In this festive time of the arrival of the Year of the Rat, what is your image of the classic mouse?  Is it a Disney character like Mickey Mouse, Chip ‘n’ Dale, or Ratatouille, or a classic animated work like Tom and Jerry? These works depict the mouse’s smart and dexterous yet funny image. For LunarFest, the little mouse that can easily find food in nooks and crannies is like a Kung Fu high-powered, obsessive food hunter.  In order to find the delicious delights, the mouse must carefully avoid all obstacles in order to snatch its prize.

A LunarFest special feature – The Kitchen Runners, is a mice race track game in which each mouse racer runs around to discover where the delicious Asian cuisine is located.  Can you imagine mice from various countries riding on burger, pizza, donut and other food racing cars, sneaking into a giant kitchen to start a foraging adventure? For mice, a human’s kitchen is like a big forest of food, and there may be obstacles hidden in the forest. In the game of The Kitchen Runners, all the mice from different cultural backgrounds are zooming through fresh fruits and vegetables, sauce bottles, and between pots and pans in a competition to see who can be the first to find the fragrant and delectable dishes. 

Are you a food expert like a mouse?  Do you want to become a challenger and join such a thrilling race?  Come to LunarFest to make your own rat paper lantern! Immediately become a race driver, take the food racing car and take the lead to be the first racing champion!

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