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Living Arts Centre, Mississauga

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The custom of pasting rice paper on walls went as far back as the Qin dynasty; smoother linen fibres later replaced rice so that painting and printing on paper became easier.  By the 12th Century, the skill of papermaking had spread to the West through the Silk Route.  In 2020, Lunar New Year is about to start a new cycle for the zodiac signs with the Year of the Rat.  While most people are familiar with the 12 animal signs, artist Kuan-Chih Su of Taiwan created his own wallpaper with inspiration from the history of the wallpapers, and with elements from each of the 12 animals.  Paper Fantasy will be displayed on-site. Can you find all the elements of the 12 zodiac animals?

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Welcoming the Year of the Rat, LunarFest prepares five new Lunar New Year games for you! Play “Fortune Keeper” to check your fortune, “Kick Start” your next year, and use your physical coordination to knock on wood and get good luck. There are more games for you to experience, try Lunar Games at LunarFest and have a happy Lunar New Year!

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LunarFest invites diverse community to celebrate the Lunar New Year like no other! What traditions do the Vietnamese have during Tet? How do Taiwanese celebrate differently from Chinese? What fortunes await you in the Year of the Rat? Experience cultures through New Year games and crafts. Join us for special performances from the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese or Vietnamese communities at 2020 LunarFest!

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